Lazy Weekend Lasagna!

Nothing says  a weekend dish with friends like lasagna on a cold day! Enjoy this semi-lazy lasagna recipe which is actually vaguely healthy.

Prepare Sauce: Use pre-jarred sauce, garlic, onion, ground turkey, spices, pesto, and a generous splash of red wine!  (In the mean time boil the noodles!)


Cheese layers: Mix ricotta, pesto, and egg. Slice up mozzarella.

Layer the lasagna: Sauce, Pasta, ricotta (spread with spatula), mozzarella and parmesan, and repeat! Make sure to completely coat both sides of the noodles so they don’t get too crispy.




  • 2 jars of Classico tomato sauce – You could make your own sauce with tomatoes etc. but this is MUCH easier, and just as tasty.
  • A pound or so of ground turkey
  • Olive Oil
  • Four cloves of minced garlic
  • One diced onion
  • A half cup or so of pesto (I make mine each summer and freeze small amounts to use throughout the winter or you can get some pretty good stuff at the grocery store. If you want to make your own its just basil, garlic, and olive oil!)
  • Generous splash (or two) of red wine (and a glass for you!)
  • Assorted Italian spices (oregano, basil, rosemary, salt peper etc.)

Lasagna noodles:

  • This one is pretty self explanatory, I used a box of the Wegmans brand (I needed to boil them), or you can use pre-cooked sheets

Cheese Layers:

  •  Ricotta spread:
    -1 Container of skim ricotta
    -1 egg
    -1 or 2 spoonfuls of pesto
  • Parmesan (about 1 1/2 cups)
  • Thin sliced mozzarella


Preheat oven to 375 degrees, and get water for lasagna noodles boiling. Once water boils, add lasagna noodles and cook for 12 minutes. In the mean time, in a pan heat up olive oil, and stir-fry garlic and onion, add turkey and brown until done. Salt and Pepper the meat. Add the jars of sauce and stir in wine, pesto, and other spices. Let the sauce simmer until noodles are done.

While the sauce is simmering mix together ricotta, pesto, and egg.

Bring all your ingredients together and layer them in the pan. A layer of sauce, then noodles, ricotta mixture, parmesan and mozzarella. Then repeat until the pan is full!

Cook in the oven for 40 minutes! Then enjoy your tasty treat!


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