One of the favorite things I like to make is bibimbap, which translates to mixed rice. The variety in the dish comes from the meats and vegetables you mix with the rice, the condiments, and the way you prepare the rice. This, in my opinion, truly elevates rice to another level. Feel free to change it however you like. Bibimpbap is a dish that is elegant in its simplicity and execution.

Things you will need:



Soy sauce (Any brand will do; if you purchased a Korean soy sauce, make sure that you check that it is not soy sauce for soup, since this type of soy sauce is fairly salty)

Gochujang (Hot pepper paste) – You can always substitute a little Rooster sauce or Chili Garlic Sauce

Sesame oil (This is essential)


Most of the variety comes in the fixins – the vegetables and meats that you want to include in your dish. The following is what I had on hand.




Mung Bean Sprouts





Other things: beef, tofu, carrots, gosari…anything you want to have


Spinach: Sauté with a tsp of oil and garlic. When cooked, add a tsp of sesame oil

Cucumbers: Julienne (cut into matchsticks) and place aside

Zucchini: Julienne. Cook in a tsp of oil and add a tsp or two of soy sauce. Cook until tender.

Mung bean sprouts: Sauté in oil and add a tsp of soy sauce

Avocado: Dice and put aside.

Mushrooms: Slice. Sauté in oil and add a tsp of soy sauce

Eggs: Cook until over easy


20141213_182415 20141213_182710

Place rice at the bottom of a bowl with a tablespoon of sesame oil. If you want to prepare dolsot (stone pot) bibimbap, place rice into a sesame oil coated dolsot and cook until crispy. Continue with other steps.

Add all of the fixins that you have made and top with an egg.

Add a dollop of gochujang and sesame oil to your liking. Take a spoon and mix.

Your final product will look like this:


It’s that easy. You can use whatever vegetables you would like to eat or have on hand. The preparation steps are a little long, since each item needs to be prepared individually. The final product is definitely worth the effort, and I think this will be a great addition to your arsenal. The creaminess of the avocado and the freshness of the cucumber really meld all the flavors nicely. Include anything and everything you have on hand. This is one of the dishes I always put in my rotation of dinners I prepare in the week.



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