About Us

Collective, noun
~A cooperative unit or organization

College Bakers’ Collective, also known as CBC, is a group of college students who like to bake. Some of us are also pretty good at cooking. We are looking out for the average college student, and anyone else, who needs some inspiration in their life to create good food. This inspiration comes in the form of tested recipes, good photos and interesting stories. Each baker comes with their own collection of spice and storytelling. We are an ever-developing group of bakers that are excited about what we do and sharing it with you. Thanks for stopping by!

Meet the players

Founder of CBC
Carmen Ladipo
School: Ithaca College
Studies: Cinema and Photography
Experience: I never stopped baking chocolate chip cookies since 5th grade Life Skills class
Favorite Kitchen Utensil: Rubber scraper
Find Me: @carmzl on Instagram

Lauren Dickerhoof
Parsons the New School for Design
Studies: Photography
Experience: No professional baking/cooking experience, but I’ve always loved making things for myself and my friends. I got especially interested after my great grandma down in Georgia gave me my first spring form pan. Constantly looking for new recipes and trying them out. I’m definitely more of a baker but have made myself start learning to cook as well.
Favorite Kitchen Utensil: A fork? Because I can eat with it? Or my spring form pan…if that counts as a utensil.
Find Me: laurendickerhoofphotography.com

Annie King
School: UConn
Studies: Pharmacy
Experience: I love to cook/bake in general
Favorite Kitchen Utensil: Whisk
Find Me: @annjkinn
on Instagram

David Lei

School: Boston College Alum/UConn for Grad
Studies: Biochemistry
Experience: I’ve been cooking since 2. Made my first pizza using play-doh, and haven’t stopped cooking since. I’m always looking to find cool recipes to tweak and trying to combine my two loves – chemistry and food.
Favorite Kitchen Utensil: Hands

Rebecca Saltzman
School: Ithaca College
Studies: Music Education
Experience: Love cooking and messing with recipes
Favorite Kitchen Utensil: The garlic zoom (a small car that cuts garlic)


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